BvS Superman Statue - Prime1 Studio

BvS Superman Statue - Prime1 Studio

This is the 1/2 scale Superman statue that I worked on for Prime1 Studio.

I worked on it from low resolution 3D files used in the movie, so my job was to sculpt on it, refine, add details, make the pose, sculpt the likeness and hair and prepare everything for printing. This was a big challenge, because the statue is huge so all details should be lifelike. I sculpted the body thinking about the real fabric that was going on top of it later. The suit and the cape are real fabric.

Adam Gu refined the head on zbrush and after it was printed and painted the prototype. All projects are a team work and I'm very happy to be the 3D artist responsible for it. It was a fun project :)


- Creative Director, Johnny Pham
-3D Artist, Alvaro Ribeiro
-3D Artist, Traditional sculptor and Painter, Adam Gu
-Prime 1 Studio Design and Development Team

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